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Pneumatic Tilt Arm Structure 
enlightenedTilt front and back by pneumatic control and lock,providing more upper space, convenient to mount and demount tires

Bead Press System
enlightenedTremendous power and control aids mounting and demounting
enlightenedMounting head made of high strength alloy steel, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the positioning function of him, easy to operate and a good helper to mount and dismount tires

Three Positions Pressing Arm
enlightenedSpace saving, easy to operate, ensure high efficiency in mounting and demounting tires, works for different tires
Equipped with a large turntable, with the gauge to facilitate the mounting and dismounting efficiency, the European standard gasket can protect the operator during mounting and dismounting

Special clamp 
enlightenedThe clamp is made of special material, strong and durable, also with plastic protective cover

 2-Speed Motor
enlightenedPrecision and high torque at low speed for the best mounting and demounting result
enlightenedFoot control pedal with micro-control function provides precise clamping, avoiding damage to the rims

Optional Auxiliary Devices and Functions
enlightenedPX8 Help Arm: Designed for swing arm to facilitate the operations for mounting low profile tires
enlightened Inflation Device for Tubeless Tires: Quick inflation device with pedal control for quick blasting
enlightened CVS Motor is optional


Rim Clamping: 12''-24''
Max. Wheel Diameter: 1042mm(41'')
Max. Wheel Width: 356mm(14'')
Bead-breaker Cylinder Force at 10 Bar : 3000Kg
Operating Pressure: 8-10bar (116-145psi)
Power Supply: 110V/220V/380V/400V 3PH
Motor Power: 0.8kW/1.1kW
Max. Inflating Pressure: 3.5bar (50 psi)
Net Weight: 206kg
Packing Dimension :970X760X940