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Pneumatic Swing-Arm System  
enlightenedSaves space over tilt-column designs  
enlightenedSuitable for installation by the wall

Center Air Lock Automatically
enlightenedItalian design, equipped with high standard and high strength fitting
enlightenedPowerful pneumatic clamp holds wheel secure  
enlightenedCenter clamp design avoids clamping damage 
enlightenedFast, safe and precise

Italian Designed Leverless Tool   (Patent)
enlightenedDemounting without levers
enlightenedNo risk of lever damage to operator or rim

Robot Control
enlightenedUp and down by pneumatic control
enlightenedEasy operation and save both time and labor

Wheel Lift
enlightenedFast and ergonomic, reduces operator effort in case of large and heavy wheels
enlightenedEase servicing of large assemblies 

Dual-Disc Bead Breaker 
enlightenedThe unique dual-disc bead breaker facilitates bead breaking, making it faster and more ergonomic and reducing the risk of damaging tire and rim

One-Click Step of Bead Press Disc
enlightenedIn the most effective way to complete the separation of the rim and tire, proper, powerful and accurate, to achieve the tire and rim optimization matching

Variable Speed Motor
enlightenedEasy to control and operate, saving time
Portable Blast inflation
enlightenedDirects large blast of air for tough bead seating

 Three Positions Pressing Arm
enlightenedSpace saving, easy to operate, ensure high efficiency in mounting and demounting tires, works for different tires

Pneumatic Bead Press Arm 

Rim Clamping: 14''-30''
Max. Wheel Diameter: 1200mm(47'')
Max. Wheel Width: 406mm(16'')
Max. Bead-breaker Force: 12000N
Operating Pressure: 8-10bar (116-145psi)
Power Supply: 110V/220V/380V/400V 3PH
Motor Power: 0.8kW/1.1kW
Max. Inflating Pressure: 3.5bar (50 psi)
Net Weight: 500kg
Packing Dimension :1340X14100X2040